#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 9


The second week of our #30DaysOfSummaries will be all about personal efficiency in your everyday work.

Post-Project Depression is real! Take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments.

Get Momentum by Jason W. Womack and Jodi Womack (Wiley, 2016).

2 comments on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 9

  1. James Miranda

    The 5 “M’s” are a great skeleton to follow in life as it keeps you in check with your goals. This philosophy can be used in all industry’s and all professionals no matter what age you are. Great Read from Jason Womack.

  2. Pursuant to the summary, Get Momentum, “I’m overwhelmed” – seems to be my constant state-of-mind. As the authors Womack point out, “Life is complicated enough! I like the idea of “non-essential goals”. One of the attributes getabstracts #30DaysOfSummaries! While there is no pressure to complete, I find the daily readings a daily sense of accomplishment, achievable short-term goals. As this is the eighth reading I am feeling the “momentum”

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