1 comment on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 27

  1. Thanks, in-large-part to our CTO’s commitment to data analysis i.e., the concept Socialification where social media intersects with operations, our data dashboard is able to vet, identify and act upon data in ways that significantly differentiate. For example, I regularly use ‘bubble-charts’ of targeted audiences and Muckety mapping of social networks prior to traveling as to enhance my knowledge of the populace and better target a more relevant audience to engage. This type of “micromarketing” to individuals and “social tribes”, is a proactive approach to engagement.

    That said, for over a decade in the past I lead trading and sales operations at a major investment bank, where the ‘Alpha-Male’ typically ruled. However today, it is evident that the primary skill necessary to excel is ‘data mining’ is the capacity to identify and analyze most swiftly.
    No doubt, cutting-edge practices in data analysis offer competitive differential advantage. However, because it is becoming increasingly common today to leverage data collection, those that strive to complement technology with personal-touch to spur growth, will likely win!

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