1 comment on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 25

  1. “The Drexler-Sibbet team performance model” is a good reminder of how to manage an effective meeting. The guidelines provide tangible milestones toward establishing and achieving goals. Recently implementing this practice, gave participants better clarity and purpose which resulted in practical action items.

    The Decision Book, by Krogerus & Tschappeler is a basically a summary within a summary. Like popcorn, digestible and forgotten quickly; a commentary on a collection of theories and anecdotes. Perhaps, useful as a resource for citing stories to enhance a future speech or cocktail trivia chatter. This is not to say, that I disliked the summary, merely that it assembled brief abstracts of complex management theories. In this way, the summary kind of reads like a ‘cut’n paste’ from Wikipedia.

    In the end, this chronicle of management theories is a fun read; if not, then the notion of Harrah’s “luck ambassador” arrives at precisely the right moment to give the despairing summary reader a sense of achievement and another box to check on the journey of the #30daychallenge. 

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