2 comments on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 15

  1. James Miranda

    Interesting topic on focusing in on the outcome we are trying to accomplish and that is “work”. One can argue that we do need people in the workplace and more people interaction to live life but if you look at it from a productive side it makes total sense. #30daysofsummaries

  2. I too, found myself nodding my head throughout Fried’s TedX Talk, Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work. It simply makes sense, identifies with my current reality at work. As he states, “You cannot sleep properly if disturbances wake you; similarly, you cannot work properly if people or events interrupt you.” I lead an operation that is in a constant state of ‘controlled chaos’. I laughed in agreement with the idea, “Why most people are not productive in the office during working hours.” Frankly, I am most productive between 4:30am and 8am (precious time with the Chief of Staff, before the ‘hooligans arrive!). The tranquility allows me to focus. Hooray for the notion, “Meetings are just toxic, terrible, poisonous things.” I could not agree more. To find time, my assistants are renowned for making-up meetings so as to block-out my schedule. To each, his own. And, forever the quest for solitude!

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