2 comments on “#30DaysOfSummaries – Day 11

  1. James Miranda

    Charles Duhigg does awesome job of explaining how companies use habits to bring in more customers or to changing habits on the football field for players which include a simple understand of changing the way the mind thinks. The Habit Loop is very interesting! #30daysofsummaries

  2. Enjoyed the summary of The Power of Habit. Charles Duhigg’s descriptive snippets were fun to read. I won’t enter a Starbucks again without thinking about the acronym L.A.T.T.E. ! and its corporate approach: “Listen, acknowledge, take action, thank and explain.” 
    I have been fortunate on occasions when returning to the West Coast to experience Rick Warren’s incredibly successful Saddleback Churc. Whether or not one is religious, this culture is the ‘real deal’.

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