The European Union After Brexit


Last week, it came as a great shock to many people worldwide that a majority of British voters – 52% – supported leaving the European Union.

Now that Brexit is moving closer toward becoming a reality, getAbstract recommends this comprehensive reading list to all those seeking to understand the consequences of the “Leave” vote and to anyone concerned about migration, monetary policy and other major issues the EU faces.

Free Reading List: Brexit and The Future of The European Union

 Europe Stretched to the Limit
The Economist Intelligence Unit
EIU, 2016
 The Trouble with Europe
Why the EU Isn’t Working – How it Can Be Reformed – What Could Take Its Place
Roger Bootle
Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2014
 The Final Brexit Question
The Known Plan A to Remain or the Unknown Plan B to Leave
Michael Emerson
CEPS, 2016
 World Economic Outlook April 2016
Too Slow for Too Long
International Monetary Fund
IMF, 2016
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