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When it comes to learning and development within your organisation, there’s two words you never want to hear: status quo. And whether your L&D specialists believe in their methodology or can support its effectiveness is immaterial. Status quo implies you are satisfied with the ways things are and have no immediate plans to implement change.

In business, unless you are moving forward, you are moving backward. It’s easy to fall into a routine, particularly if your company is financially successful and your employees appear to be growing professionally. But if you don’t have standards to measure yourself against, how can you possibly know if you’re maximising your L&D initiatives?

That’s why the annual Benchmark Report issued by business research group Towards Maturity is one of the most important resources available to L&D specialists worldwide. The study, produced annually since 2003, is a unique diagnostic tool that enables organisations to measure their performance against others. Over 4,500 learning professionals from 55 countries have significantly upgraded their L&D by identifying and implementing the industry’s most effective practices.

getAbstract, a widely respected standard bearer in thought leadership, enthusiastically supports the Towards Maturity study and urges your organisation to take part in this year’s survey. Our participation in the Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme reflects our commitment and strong belief in the benefits of this exceptional corporate learning initiative.

The survey, a comprehensive review of your learning strategy, takes roughly an hour to complete; you can save your answers if you have to stop at any point and return to where you left off.

“Learning professionals can offer so much more than the formal course catalogue by reaching into the heart of the workplace to proactively support performance where it counts,” wrote Laura Overton and Genny Dixon in the 2015-16 Benchmark Report that getAbstract summarised.

Read the summary of the Benchmark Report 2015-16

In addition to critical information in a variety of areas, the report revealed that:

  • L&D professionals generally do not keep pace with technological changes. They typically use the same technology they applied in 2003.
  • Organisations worldwide devote an average of only 19% of their budgets to learning technology and e-learning.
  • The top 10% of L&D organisations utilise e-learning content, virtual meetings and online assessments.
  • Leading L&D units partner with business units and HR to attain common objectives.
  • Many employees use the Internet to become self-directed learners.
  • L&D departments should focus on finding answers to business problems instead of merely creating more courses.
  • L&D advancement requires that the firm’s leaders communicate their bottom-line goal, define business targets and provide L&D units with the resources to achieve these goals.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by participating in the benchmark. First of all, there’s no fee and you’ll receive your personalised report in September. Secondly, research has shown that well-executed learning innovation results in:

  • 9% improvement in revenue
  • 12% increase in productivity
  • 24% faster rollout of new systems or processes
  • 16% increase in employee engagement

“Our data shows that there is a hunger to do things differently within L&D but many struggle to know where to start,” says Overton, founder and CEO of Towards Maturity. “That’s where the Maturity Benchmark comes in. It provides contemporary measures that focus on performance improvement and great tactics that help L&D teams become more responsive to the changing needs of business. Think of the benchmark as L&D’s fitness tracker; use it to measure where you are and assert where you’d like to get to, then create your personalised plan of action based on the evidence.”

getAbstract couldn’t agree more.

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