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You would be hard-pressed these days to find a getAbstract summary that doesn’t warn against the curse of complacency. The evidence is overwhelming – ask any clear-thinking executive or consultant. Not even the world’s most successful organizations can afford to be satisfied with the status quo. Last year’s profits and products are old news. “Now” is the only thing that matters. Competition has never been as fierce, making innovation an absolute priority.

getAbstract has been an industry leader for years because we constantly look for new and better ways to serve our clients. So we’re excited to announce our latest product – business article summaries – a collection of the most relevant reports, articles and white papers from leading think tanks and bloggers worldwide. You won’t have to wait until important information appears in a book, publication or video. Material from prestigious organizations such as the World Economic Forum and the Brookings Institution will be at your fingertips.

Wondering if a robot will threaten your job somewhere down the road? What lessons did we learn from the Ebola outbreak in terms of handling future epidemics? How can small business entrepreneurs find capital in an increasingly competitive economy? Just like our book abstracts, business article summaries cover a wide range of stimulating topics.

What ISIS Really Wants is a perfect example of the contemporary subject matter you’ll be able to access. Our summary of an article that appeared in the March, 2015 edition of The Atlantic explains how the terrorist organization’s fundamentalist religious views shape its practices and objectives. Understanding these deeply rooted Islamist beliefs is essential in developing a strategy to destroy the group.

In this day and age, you simply can’t afford to fall behind the educational curve. Stay in the race with our business articles summaries.


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