The Best Video Talks, Summarized.


As you know, getAbstract summarizes not only written content such as books, articles or reports but also choice video talks. Our two-page summaries are based exclusively on TED Talks, where eminent thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators – including Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking, Seth Godin and Sheryl Sandberg – inspire a global audience with daring thoughts and enlightening insights.

But TED Talk summaries were just the beginning! getAbstract has widened its scope to include other video talks as well. We screen a vast array of diverse content, looking for cutting-edge material that will pique your intellectual curiosity. Then our authors expertly turn it into concise summaries.

We are covering events like:

  • Aspen Ideas Festival
  • World Economic Forum
  • Boston Consulting Group
  • ZurichMinds
  • Lift Conference
  • Business Innovation Factory

Of course, we are always on the lookout for other prime sources of material.

So now our TED Talk summaries are known as Video Talk Summaries. And with a Business Gold subscription, they are already available for you to start browsing immediately.

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