The 3 Secrets to Becoming the Charismatic Leader You Always Wanted to Be


Have you ever met someone and immediately thought, “Wow, that person has charisma”? Perhaps you’ve followed that thought up with an “I wish I could command a room like that”. The question of charisma being innate vs. learned is almost as old as the chicken/egg question. For a long time, experts ‘proved’ that charismatic leaders were born, not made.

Companies are always searching for those ‘charismatic’ leaders – the Steve Jobs that was born ready to take their profits to the Promised Land by inspiring and mobilizing employees and fostering customer followership. Today, more and more experts are realizing that this trait can be learned and developed.

If you search online, there is no end to sites suggesting ways to develop charisma. But if you listen to best-selling author, motivational speaker and natural introvert Olivia Fox Cabane, you only need to master three behaviors in order to enable your charisma to shine through:

Presence – The foundation of charisma. True presence means to be fully present in the moment. It is the element that is most sought out by leaders. When the person you are listening to gets the sensation that you are fully focused on them they are more inclined to trust you and like you.

Power – This is your perception to affect the world around you. Body language is the strongest indicator of physical power. Think of a military pose and the immediate physiological shift that takes place with it. When you assume a more confident posture your mind aligns to it.

Warmth – Learn to remove obstacles to warmth by creating stories in your mind that make you more empathetic towards others. Choose the version of reality that puts the other person in the best possible light.

Ms. Cabane’s presentation on the topic

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