getAbstract’s Latest Offering Launches at The Buttonwood Gathering 2013

getAbstract, in partnership with the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), was proud to attend The Buttonwood Gathering 2013 and officially launched its newest product – getAbstract Compressed Finance.

One of the world’s most prestigious financial conferences, The Buttonwood Gathering brings together leaders in economics, finance, government and business. Thought leaders such as Alan Greenspan, Mohamed El-Erian and Robert Shiller discuss important developments surrounding global finance. The conference marked the perfect occasion for us to introduce this exciting new offering, in part because the getAbstract team began their initial stages of development for the product just one year ago at The Buttonwood Gathering 2012.

Thomas Bergen at The Buttonwood Gathering announces the launch of Compressed Finance

getAbstract’s experts collaborated with financial leaders at the 2012 gathering to gain useful feedback and confirm that the financial industry saw a great need for the product. In fact, the response from the conference attendees was so positive that the getAbstract team received several offers to buy the product before it was even developed.

Incorporating this essential feedback from the 2012 conference, getAbstract and The EIU developed getAbstract Compressed Finance. This innovative service is the clear solution for time-strapped fiscal professionals who struggle to keep up with a constant influx of financial reports and information.

getAbstract Compressed Finance helps decision makers streamline the process of selecting and absorbing the latest financial information by:

  • Researching thousands of financial publications to hand-pick the reports that offer the most value
  • Compressing each report into a concise summary that can be read in 10 minutes or less
  • Offering easy accessibility by distributing abstracts through subscribers’ preferred browsers or their mobile devices

getAbstract much enjoyed taking part in The Buttonwood Gathering again this year to announce the availability of this product, at the very place where the idea was originally conceived.

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