RIP Zig Ziglar

Serial best-selling author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar has died at age 86. A World War II veteran, Ziglar began his career as a salesman before he eventually became a vice president and training director for the Automotive Performance Company. Ziglar printed his first book, See You at the Top, in 1975. Some 30 publishers rejected it before it became a runaway success. The experience taught the ever-optimistic Ziglar the importance of perseverance.

Ziglar dedicated his life to motivating his readers and listeners. He encouraged his fans to take control of their careers and to improve their selling techniques. A devout Christian, Ziglar always had a positive outlook on life, and he passed it along to his readers through his upbeat sales and career books

Ziglar is survived by his wife, Jean, his son, Tom Ziglar, and his daughter, Cindy Ziglar Oates.

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