Mr. Potato Head Loses 21 Pounds

A McKinsey report has revealed that the United States spends approximately $160 billion annually on obesity-related medical costs, up 50% from 10 years ago. That figure could double by 2018. The study also illustrates that including factors such as “incremental food expenses, plus-size clothing and weigh-loss programs” in the calculation brings the annual economic burden of obesity in the US to $450 billion.

Meanwhile, in an effort to quash the idea that carbohydrates are responsible for America’s obesity problem, Chris Voigt, the executive director of the Washington State Potato Commission, endured a diet of potatoes, and nothing but potatoes, for 60 days. In the process, he lost 21 pounds (9.5 kilograms). Voigt ate 20 potatoes – boiled, baked, fried, mashed and grated – every day for two months straight (that’s a whopping 1,200 spuds), without adding any toppings or dairy products to his staple food. His protest diet aimed to prove that potatoes have nutritional value and are not the “scourge of the earth.”

By starving himself of vital vitamins and minerals, Voigt may have done some irreparable damage to his body. There are better ways to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle. Here are some ideas from the experts:

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